Thursday, January 2, 2014

From Nothing to Something

It's taken me nearly fifty years to realize that nothing is going to happen if you don't get started with something. I know, sounds a bit elementary, but it's been a hard lesson for me to learn in some areas of my life.

While I do a good job at planning when it comes to my job and business, it's always been a challenge to plan for the things I really want to take a vacation. So, I've never taken one.

Somewhere inside me I have this voice telling me that I shouldn't allow myself the indulgence of fun because somehow, some way, it's going to get cancelled. And I will be deeply disappointed.

I know this stems from some deep-seated issue as a child that should have been worked out in therapy. But hey, I'm getting there. I sent out my passport for renewal today, so I'm getting something done.