Monday, February 13, 2012

Now Wait a Minute

So many of us are always in a rush. In a rush to get where we're going, do what we're doing, etc. Today a dear friend made me stop. And think for a minute.

I had asked her how her weekend was and then continued on with my next thought, never even giving her the opportunity to TELL me how her weekend was. She starting laughing and said, "Well, wait a minute, you didn't even give me time to tell you. Do you really want to know?"

I was speechless.

Yes, I really did want to know how her weekend was, I explained. That was so rude of me I apologized. I was in such a hurry to tell her the next thing on my mind, that I didn't really listen - to myself talking! I am so grateful she told me what I did and how she felt about it. I thanked her twice. And meant it. I won't forget your comments my sweet friend.

How many times have you just carried on after asking someone a question, just talking away never really giving them time to speak, much less really listening.

This week, let's practice, listening, really listening. To ourselves as we speak to others. It will only take a minute.

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