Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blogging and Social Media Conferences (2012)

If you blog or are consider blogging, please consider attending one of the blogging and/or social media events I've listed below. I will be attending Type A Parent Conference in June and BlogHer'12 in August. For me, these two conferences represent both ends of the blogging spectrum.

Type A  is a smaller, more intimate conference that allows for a relaxed, let's-get-to-know-each-other atmosphere. The community Kelby Carr has built is one of camaraderie and sharing. Everyone is comfortable sharing what they know and asking questions when they don't know. BlogHer on the other hand is more of a branding conference with large brands (Ford, Kmart, eBay, etc.) exhibiting and hosting special events. There is a lot of swag to be had at this conference! In my opinion, the sessions could be longer (a full hour plus) at both events. Nonetheless, these two conferences offer insights into blogging and using social media. I hope to see you at both of those events. Meantime, here's the list!

2012 Blogging and Social Media Events (off-line events in United States)

#BBSUMMIT12, July 21, Chicago, IL
Aiming Low, October 12 – 13, Callaway Gardens, GA
AllFacebook Marketing Conference, June 28 – 29, San Francisco, CA
Altitude Design Summit 2012, January 18 – 20, Salt Lake City, UT
Barkworld Expo, October 25 – 27, Atlanta, GA
BlissDom 2012, Nashville, TN, February 23 – 25
Blogalicious, date and location, tbd
Blogfest, May 21 – 23, NYC
Blogging While Brown, June 1 – 2, Philadelphia, PA
Bloggy Boot Camp, April 21, St. Louis, MO
Bloggy Boot Camp, May 19, Philadelphia, PA
Bloggy Boot Camp, October 13, Las Vegas, NV
Bloggy Boot Camp, September 15, Dallas, TX
Bloggy Conference, Sept 27 – 29, Cincinnati, OH
BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12, March 22 – 23, Santa Clara, CA
BlogHer Food, June 8 – 9, Seattle, WA
BlogHer’12, August 2 – 4, NYC
BlogPaws, June 21 – 23, Salt Lake City, UT
BlogWorld & New Media Expo, June 5 – 7, NYC
BlogWorld Expo West, dates and location tbd
Brands & Bloggers Summit, July 21, Chicago, IL
Camp Blogaway Food Blogger Conference, May 4 – 6, Angelus Oaks, CA 2012
Casual Blogger Conference, March 9 – 10, Salt Lake City, UT
CES, January, Las Vegas, NV
Dad 2.0 Summit, March 8 – 10, Austin, TX
Design Bloggers Conference, February 26 – 28, Los Angeles, CA
Eat Write Retreat, May 4 – 6, Washington, DC
Emerging Media Conference (EmMeCon), January 28 – 31, San Francisco, CA (2013)
Evo Conference, July 12 –14, Park City, UT
FinCon, September 6 – 9, Denver, CO
FitBloggin’12, September 20 – 23, Baltimore, MD
Fitness & Health Bloggers, June 22 – 24, Denver, CO
FoodBlogSouth, January 27 – 28, Birmingham, AL
Gleek Retreat, May 19 – 20, Holland, MI
Haven Conference, June 21 – 22, Atlanta, GA
IFBC (Food Bloggers), August 24 – 26, Portland, OR
Lavish!, August 24 – 26, Atlanta, GA
MilBlog Conference, May 11 – 12, tbd
Mom 2.0 Summit, May 3 – 5, Key Biscayne, FL
Niche Affiliate Marketing Conference, February 10 – 12, Atlanta, GA
Relevant 2012, October 25, location tbd
Reviewers' Retreat, June 3 – 5, Great Wolf Lodge, NC
Savvy Blogging Summit, Oct 4 – 6, Atlanta, GA
SheCon, May 25 – 27, Lake Buena Vista, FL
SNAP!, April 19 – 21, Utah
SOBCon Chicago, May 4 – 6, Chicago, IL
Social Learning Summit, March 30 – 31, Washington, DC
Social Media Conference, June 20 – 22, Beverly Hill, CA
Social Media Strategies Summit, April 18 – 19, Chicago, IL
Social Media Strategies Summit, June 12 – 14, Miami, FL
Social Media Strategies Summit, October 23 – 25, Boston, MA
SXSW, Austin, TX, March 9 – 13, Austin, TX
The 2:1 Conference, April 27 – 29, Dulles, VA
Travel Blog Exchange, June 15 –17, Keystone, CO
Travel Bloggers, September 11, Los Angeles, CA
Wine Bloggers, August 17 – 19,  Portland, OR
World Domination Summit (WDS), July 6 – 8, Portland, OR

Please let me know if there are others, corrections need to be made, etc. Thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Now Wait a Minute

So many of us are always in a rush. In a rush to get where we're going, do what we're doing, etc. Today a dear friend made me stop. And think for a minute.

I had asked her how her weekend was and then continued on with my next thought, never even giving her the opportunity to TELL me how her weekend was. She starting laughing and said, "Well, wait a minute, you didn't even give me time to tell you. Do you really want to know?"

I was speechless.

Yes, I really did want to know how her weekend was, I explained. That was so rude of me I apologized. I was in such a hurry to tell her the next thing on my mind, that I didn't really listen - to myself talking! I am so grateful she told me what I did and how she felt about it. I thanked her twice. And meant it. I won't forget your comments my sweet friend.

How many times have you just carried on after asking someone a question, just talking away never really giving them time to speak, much less really listening.

This week, let's practice, listening, really listening. To ourselves as we speak to others. It will only take a minute.