Friday, April 2, 2010

Never Been Kissed

The first boy I ever kissed was Kevin Bloxom. I was around fifteen years old. He had John Travolta hair and was very cute.

When we were kissing, I remember thinking, "Boy! This is REALLY wet and sloppy! Are we doing this the right way?"

Kevin was very nice but I broke up with him of course. Years later, he said the breakup broke his heart. I said I don't even remember why I broke up with him. But we had both gone on with our lives.

Yesterday Kevin's twelve year-old son, Justin, was found strangled by a known sex offender. Justin was lured outside of a friend's home around 3:00am to meet who he thought was a young girl he met on It is unsure how long they had been texting and planning to meet.

Justin will never have his first kiss. Talk to your children about keeping safe. Dig into their lives. Insist they get the opportunity for that first kiss.

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