Friday, March 5, 2010

The Trees Are Sad

My three and a half year old son, Alejandro, and I pass by a construction site every morning on our way to his school. A large area of land is being cleared to put up a shopping center.

Alejandro loves construction trucks and always looks for them, especially if they are actually moving around working.

This morning, he exclaimed, "Momma, oh my goodness! Look! The trees are sad!"

"What do you mean, honey?" I asked.

"The trees are sad because they have been broken," he said.

The entire area had been cleared of all the trees. They lay uprooted and broken. Very sad indeed.

What precious insight my son has to notice these small things and feel a sense of attachment - and sadness - at their disappearance.

What goes unnoticed in your life until they disappear?

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