Friday, January 29, 2010

Find a way to get back to it.

I've got to get back into marketing and public relations.

I attended a presentation by Peter Shankman on Social Media this week. Carol Arnott's group, Wine4Women, put this event on up in Wilmington.

Talk about a hyper guy who talks ninety miles a minute! And has tons of really good stuff to say about being online, being offline, being where your customers are, etc. The excitement I felt with all the ideas running through my head just confirmed, I've got to get back. I've got to get back to marketing and PR, my passion.

Everytime I speak with someone, even in passing, about marketing a business or stuff like that, I really get going with ideas. I start spitting out all those ideas running through my head and tell whomever it is I'm talking to - "Write this down. Hurry. There's more coming!" And they do. Write it down that is. And they listen. And then they ask why I'm not doing any marketing right now....why I'm not working with something that gets me so energized....and how my face lights up, how I'm smiling, how I'm talking ninety miles a minute...

What is your passion? Find a way to get back to it.

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