Friday, July 31, 2009


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fleeting moments

Right before my 42nd birthday, I had my son. We had tried for a very long time and he was a true miracle. I savor every moment with him, even when he's cranky and especially when I'm cranky. I often wonder how much time I will have with him having had him so late in my life.

My grandmother turned 92 years old a few days ago. She is now a great, great grandmother. She was a grandmother at 47. I was a mother at 42. Her oldest son, my father, is in his 70s. I wonder if she ever thought she would see my father become a grandfather, much less a great-grandfather.

When my son is my current age (45), I will be 87. Will he have children by then? Will he even want children? I hope so.

When he was first born, I took tons of photos. No really, TONS. Somewhere in the thousands. Besides probably blinding him with my flash, I wasn't really seeing him. In my futile attempt to capture those fleeting moments, I was losing those moments. My son is three now. And I don't take as many picutres as before. They are only in the hundreds. But the moments are still fleeting.

Work and go bye-bye

My three year old has his time with Daddy down pat. He knows that once Daddy gets here for his visit, Mommy goes to work and goes bye-bye. And then they head off to McDonald's for food and play. He and I don't go to McDonald's, that's just for him and Daddy. It is their time.

Since I'm job hunting any free moment is spent searching and applying jobs. I have a job. It's a great job. With very little money, no security and no future. I took this job based on two incomes. Since Daddy and Mommy don't live together any more, I need more income. Hopefully I'll find a job in my previous better, paying field and I can go to my new job and tell this one to go bye-bye.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Randy Day

I am so tired of getting wet because the last few months have been pouring with problems and drama. But there was sunshine today. His name is Randy. No, he's not my new boyfriend or BFF. He's my mechanic. And even though his shop isn't equipped to fix the (possibly $5,000!) problem, he's gone out of his way to make sure I'm taken care of. So, I am announcing today as RANDY DAY and not rainy day!