Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thirty minutes

Are you tired? I am. I'm not tired of work or being a mom or having to go grocery shopping. Or anything like that. I'm tired of not doing the things I should be doing.

I'm just plain fed up - which is part of my problem. I snack and eat. And then eat and snack. And then have ANOTHER glass of sweet tea. I mean, I am Southerner and all. Sweet tea is like mother's milk.

And that whole sweating thing. I'm not really all about that. Southern women don't sweat. We prespire with a cool glass of sweet tea in hand. I know I NEED to exercise. But when do any of us really have time to exercise? I am a single mom with a quickly-growing toddler. I want to spend every moment playing with him, watching him learn, secretly hoping he'll stay a toddler until he's thirty. But I should really be taking thirty minutes to take care of myself. The time I spend taking care of myself for thirty minutes will give back to my son tenfold.

I can already feel my knees creaking and aching when I try to get up from the floor after a game of cars. Scrambling across the carpet to race our cars is all part of the fun. But my back. Geeees! Where did my back go? And when did it leave me? My three year old son is always begging, "Momma, hold please!" How can I resist not picking him up and carrying him as he snuggles his sweet face in my neck. He doesn't need to walk, not just yet, I think. I can carry him.

Nevertheless, my friends, tonight I'll set my alarm thirty minutes earlier. I'll spend thirty minutes with myself in the morning walking on the treadmill. I know in the long run my son will thank me for it, if not for any reason but that I'll be practicing walking how to carry him further as I pick up my glass of cool, sweet tea.

How will you spend your thirty minutes?

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